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Teaching Experience

My background in education technology gives me additional experience as I approach course design.  As the Psycholinguistic and Creative Coordinator at Open English (a Miami based startup) I fundamentally designed a large, online ESL curriculum: creating the lexicon, creating a corpus-based vocabulary tool to streamline lesson development, overseeing (from concept to completion) an online video series made to function like an episodic sitcom with a budget of $500,000, and improving educational practices utilizing empirical insights.

In another context, I worked on a Bill and Melinda Gates funded project. My role as a Subject Matter Expert in Statistics was to take online content that more directly resembles a paper text and create Dynamic Media Elements (DMEs) to increase student engagement, to bolster academic content, and to create a visually pleasing experience. These experiences designing digital course materials led me to focus on making experiences as interactive as possible and led me to emphasize social engagement in the physical classroom. I seek to tap into student’s creative potentials, to increase the social context in which they learn, and to provide a sense of competency to the student through individualized feedback. These experiences also provide me with a unique skillset that may be appealing to universities with online courses, particularly during these uncertain times amidst the pandemic.

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