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University of California, Santa Cruz

Teaching Experience

I have experience teaching courses in the areas of Linguistics, Psychology, Statistics/Research Methods, and Literature.

As a psychology PhD student at an R1 University, I was responsible for teaching a section of a course as a Teaching Assistant every academic term. This resulted in experience teaching five upper division cognitive courses (Learning & Memory; Feelings & Emotions; Psychology of Language; Mind, Body, World; and Behavioral Neuroscience) one introductory cognitive course (Introduction to Cognitive Psychology), one upper division developmental course (Children’s Thinking), one upper division clinical course (Clinical Psychology), two humanistic psychology courses (Humanistic Psychology and  Psychology of Religion), and an upper division literature course (Translation Theory).

I also had the opportunity to work as the lead Teaching Assistant for the Upper Division Cognitive Course Feelings & Emotions where I coordinated and trained the other Teaching Assistants, created original lectures, and produced teacher training materials such as grading rubrics and lesson plans. I taught this class 8 times. I served in a similar capacity for Children’s Thinking and Humanistic Psychology. I also delivered six guest lectures while at UCSC including the following topics:

  1. Learning & Memory, Guest Lecture: “Memory & Embodied Cognition”

  2. Feelings & Emotions, Guest Lecture: “The Embodiment of Emotions”

  3. Psychology of Language, Writing Intensive Course, Guest Lecture: “Language, Metaphor & Embodied Cognition”

  4. Mind, Body, World, Guest Lecture: “Political Metaphor Experiment Seminar”

  5. Behavioral Neuroscience, Guest Lecture: “Language & Neuroscience”

  6. Translation Theory, Guest Lecture: “Jackobson on Intersemiotic Translation”

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